Barbados – a little Insider Information (10 Things To Know)

Every destination has its own unique attributes, some more quirky than others.  Here are 10 General Things To Know when visiting our shores:

Welcome to BarbadosRed Caps:
Unique to Barbados, these are what we call the baggage porters whom you will meet on arrival at the Grantley Adams International Airport.  They do all the heavy lifting and will collect your luggage and take it curb side for a small fee per bag.  They are a God send if you are travelling with kids or if you are like me and pack way more than you actually need.

Undoubtedly a major fashion trend in most countries, wearing camouflage here would be considered a major ‘faux pas’.  In Barbados all forms of camouflage are strictly reserved for armed forces personnel and you may be fined or your items confiscated (so it may be best to leave these articles at home).

Safety 1st:
Barbados is a friendly destination, but crime does occur.  Maintain the same level of personal awareness you would at home, avoid unlit streets and keep your valuables, passport secure in your hotel safe.

Don’t be surprised if time moves at an easier pace when here.  You’re now on Bajan time (island time), which is very different to traditional time as you may know it.  It’s more of a gauge of the time frame you think you will be there as opposed to a precise time.  Some Bajans are notorious for their lateness, see you around 3, could very well mean anywhere around 4 or even after depending on whom you are speaking with. Note: This does not generally apply to business meeting, be on time for those.

Tap Water:
Unlike other destinations, the water from our taps is 100% potable, this means you can drink as much as you wish directly from the tap with confidence.

Though we don’t have poison ivy here, we DO have machineel trees; these trees are mostly found on beaches and provide lots of shade when sunny.  However should it begin to rain do not take shelter under them nor ingest their small green ‘apple-shaped’ fruit as it can cause severe blistering.  These trees are usually clearly marked with a red band around the trunk, so you know to avoid them.

Beach WearBeach Wear:
Beach wear is usually reserved for the beach and around the pool. Easily go from beach to street with a trendy maxi dress or stylish cover-up if you have to pop into a bank or storefront establishment.

Sea Urchins:
At certain times of the year, you may find sea urchins or as we fondly call them ‘cobblers’ in shallow water.  Please tread carefully as you do not want to step on these sticky suckers.

English (predominantly the British variant) is the primary language in Barbados.  We do have a dialect known as Bajan (bay-shun) that you will undoubtedly be exposed to as you explore our island; most locals will be happy to teach you a phrase or two!

Keep to the left folks!  Most cars have their steering wheels on the right (we do have a few left hand drive vehicles); but we all drive on the left.  If there is any doubt, simply pick up the lane of the car ahead of you.  Not to worry, most locals will give you a wide berth when we see an H license plates.


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